About Merlin

The Smartest Way to Track
and Exit Your Crypto

We know cryptocurrency can be complex, but it doesn't need to be a guessing game or constant source of worry. That's why we've built the most user-friendly and smartest crypto portfolio tracker – designed for convenience, simplicity and peace of mind.

Our Vision

Our goal is for Merlin to become the go-to choice for consumers who are seeking peace of mind and value not just the tracking of their crypto assets but also knowing when to take profits with ease and clarity. We understand the emotional and dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, and that's why we've designed Merlin to be more than just a tracker. It's a strategic portfolio management tool that enables you to create customized exit strategies for all your holdings, so you can remove emotions and lock in profits in the volatile world of digital finance.

Empowering Your Cryptocurrency Investment Journey

Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the crypto space, Merlin provides you with the insights and tools you need to make informed decisions. Our platform is designed to adapt to your needs, enabling you to have an exit strategy at your fingertips, ready to be executed whenever you decide.

Effortless Tracking

Ditch the spreadsheets and fragmented tools. Effortlessly monitor your diverse crypto portfolio, all in one place in real-time, taking the guesswork out of your portfolio's gains and losses.

Smart Exit Strategies

Define your exit targets and risk tolerance. Create exit strategies and receive alerts so you know when to sell.

Peace of Mind

No more obsessively checking charts. Reclaim your time and focus on what matters most, while Merlin keeps a eye on your investments, eliminating the need for you to constantly monitor the market.

What Sets Us Apart?

Merlin puts the power back in your hands with a comprehensive yet intuitive platform that simplifies the complexities of crypto portfolio management. Our innovative system is designed to provide you with real-time insights, chart trends and profits/losses. Our automated exit tools help you stay on top of the market and execute your exit strategies with confidence, so you can sleep soundly at night.

Our Leadership

John Michael

Chief Executive Officer

John has over 27 years working for Fortune 100 companies including the likes of Gillette and Procter & Gamble. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in General Management from Fairfield University. As Senior Director in R&D, John is at the forefront of technological innovation and he has led the technical development of many consumer electronic goods and mobile IoT product categories greater than $200M. John is an entrepreneur at heart and always puts the consumer’s unmet needs at the center of innovation and is committed to delivering a delightful and superior consumer experience that improves lives.

Cesar “Jeremy” Quintanilla

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Jeremy spent 11 years at Wells Fargo Bank serving as an Assistant Vice President and has a B.S. in Finance and Accounting from the W.P. Carrey School of Business at Arizona State University. He received an MBA in Marketing from the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. In 2017, Jeremy partnered with John Vasquez and formed 3T Fitness LLC, which is known as the 3T Warrior Academy and helped scale it over $1M in annual revenue. Jeremy is dedicated to building a family legacy, entrepreneurship and following his number one mission in this world: creating a positive impact on someone’s life every single day.

John Vasquez “Coach JV”

Chief Influencer and Talent Officer

Coach JV is the top health and mindset coach in the world, as well as a leading cryptocurrency influencer. He has been featured in Business Insider, News Nation, Apple News+, and RedX. He has a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. He is also a graduate of CBA Executive Banking School. He is the founder and operator of Freedom Asset Management Company and 3T Fitness LLC. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was a Vice President with Wells Fargo Bank. Coach JV is dedicated to his family, children, entrepreneurship and following his number one mission in this world: creating a positive impact on someone’s life every single day.

James Ring-Howell

Chief Technology Officer

James has over 40+ years of experience developing software solutions for Fortune 100 companies, including PWC, EY, Xerox, Safeco, Peterbuilt, AC Delco, GM and IBM. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in Software Engineering and B.M in Music. James also has over 30+ years of teaching advanced software programming, including at the University of Washington and NASA.

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