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Track your coins across wallets and exchanges in one simple, secure web app.

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View all your coins
in one simple dashboard

Add up to 30 API connections and unlimited
manual wallets and exchanges.

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Powerful Tracking

Always know your
portfolio value1

View your holdings and allocations across all your exchanges and wallets.

Track your total portfolio value, daily gains and losses and totals since inception.

Access your account anywhere, on any device through our easy-to-use web platform — no app download required.

Assets shown are for illustrative purposes only, and are not a recommendation to buy or hold.

Exit Strategy

Create an exit strategy
so you know when to sell2

Use exit strategies to set your target sell points per asset

Get notified when your assets approach their
targets so you know when it’s time to sell.


Your Coins are Never at Risk

We’ve partnered with VEZGO, a SOC2, Type II certified data provider to ensure
your data remains secure. Your API keys are never shared with us.

We employ military-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication
to ensure your account remains secure.


What Our Customers are Saying

Wanted to thank the team who’s brought this application to our fingertips! I’ve been able to add all of my crypto assets into one location with ease so I can see what’s up and what’s down... The only application that allows me to make an exit strategy that makes sense! It also includes estimating taxes and your profit and losses!
As a business owner getting a text that my exit target was reached is vital in the bull market I believe we are going to have. I can't look at my phone every 20 minutes to check the marker then find my notes on what exchange my asset is in to take profits. With Merlin it’s all in one place. This is not just a website this is a must have tool for me!
You don't have to be super tech savvy to set this app up correctly. Makes it super easy to pull in your exchanges and easy to manually enter other exchanges/coins that can't be brought into through the automatic system. Love to see all my crypto in one, easy to view place!

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We're currently open to wait list customers.
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